Cloud Nine l Tech Ed™

CRM built for the specific needs of Technical Education Centers and other learning environments.

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Who should use this solution?

  • Community Colleges
  • Technical Education Centers
  • Vocational Education Centers
  • STEM Schools
  • K-12 Private Schools
  • Enterprise Learning Departments

Addressing the challenges of Education Management
with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Cloud Nine | Tech Ed™ is specifically designed for technical/community colleges and other workforce development and corporate learning environments. We built a solution to meet the unique needs of the learning industry, and made it quick to deploy, simple to use, easy to manage, and affordable for any size organization.

High School thru Adult Student Management

A complete Student Information System built on the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Faculty Management

A centralized place to track, communicate, and schedule your faculty members.

Company Management

Tackle difficult workforce development initiatives by establishing organized collaboration with your business customers.

Recruitment & Community Engagement

Manage every aspect of the all-important student recruitment cycle in a truly powerful system.

Student Enrollment & Application Management

Streamline your application and enrollment processes with digital automation.

Authorized Instructor Skill & Resource Availability Tracking

Add greater intelligence to your course building process with clear visibility of instructor skills and availability.

Class Scheduling

Utilize an intelligent system to schedule the time, location, and assign instructors to your classes.

Supports Full-time, Custom Classes, Employee Paid & Catalog Courses

Break out of the traditional education model with flexibility to create custom classes.

Session Scheduling

Build session schedules to support your learning initiatives with a simplified, intuitive user experience.

Room Resourcing

Easily view room availability and class requirements to book an adequate space for each class and actively prevent issues.

Retention Visibility

Dig into analytics regarding student retention, program completion, and add-on classes to make stronger decisions.

Placement Tracking

Track and report on student job placements to get actual data that can be used for recruitment and other efforts.

Certification Tracking

Keep accurate data on certifications earned by students and better assist in career development efforts.

Plan of Study

Create programs that lead to certification and help students stay on track through to completion.

Attendance & Grades Tracking

Capture accurate data on student attendance and grades to produce powerful analytics that can flag potential dropout points.

Jupiter Grades Integration Available

Integrate directly with Jupiter Grades to make your job easier.

Invoicing & Payment Tracking

Utilize smart invoicing that takes into account financial aid, discounts, offers, and more.

Financial Aid Tracking

Maintain complete visibility of each students’ financial aid package to prevent confusion and errors.

Payment Plan Management

Create and track payment plans to provide flexible options for students and business partners.

Funding & Payment Source Tracking

Manage fundraising, donations, business partnerships, and all of the finance sources that keep the lights on.

Absence/Tardy Compliance Report & Notification Workflow

Enable powerful workflows that happen automatically and alert the right person when something needs attention.

Easy & Accurate Reporting

Superintendent Report, Trending Enrollment Report, State Compliance Report, and more. Provide the right data to the right person at the right time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Cloud Nine l Tech Ed™ is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, providing a trusted platform and core CRM functionality such as: Business Process Flows, Goals Tracking, Activities, Contacts, Leads, Campaigns, Mailing Lists, and more.

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Pre-built Industry Apps from PA Group

The Cloud Nine product team is constantly engaged in new product development to build epic software solutions to transform entire industries. We partner with industry thought leaders and experts to identify gaps in technology that exist in under-served industries, then build software to fill in the gaps.

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